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Meet and greet.
I want to share this picture with you, not for the gravitational praise that I might be a subjected to endure, or in internet speech, "OMG! Dis is so G8, PLZ do MOAR!!!"
Both of which I graciously accept with equal gratification.


Fuckin' ell, I don't speak like that...

...That's better, wondered what that key was for. Now where was I?

The picture, that's right.
Here's Carey meeting the messenger, the same Carey that is in "She's getting in Too". Not the same model,  but the same character.
Q: How do I explain that in a comic? She's in a different time a different location.
A: In a back story
Q: How do I tell the back story?
A: You make another comic.
Me: Oh, that's a lot of comics for a lot of back stories.

Now, I'm not lazy, but paths for stories are written a lot quicker than I can render them and I want to share those paths with you. I write a lot, but I write in bullet points rather than in actual story form, I usually let the pictures tell the tale, using the bullet points as a guide to create them, before referring back to them to write the speech and exposition. It's my method. The problem is; multiple people talk, the same person talks at multiple instances in the same scene, often between others. That can be a lot of different shots you need to make, just so a conversation can flow.

(Note to self, I'm gonna Journal this as it's a little long for a picture note)

So I'm gonna try something, rather than make a comic , I'm gonna write stories, but use renders with them. Now don't worry the main parts will be heavily rendered, but the story will flow a lot smoother.

Look at the picture again, here's a segment from that part of the story...

Natallia!” A voice echoes out from behind the young messenger, “Threats and intimidation is no way to treat our guest.”

But Mistress,” Natallia looks over Richard’s head towards the voice “he defends the people who wish to...”

Nonsense!” The Mistress interrupts, “Only a fool would defend war with his enemy alone and unarmed.”

Richard turns around, expecting to see another extraordinary tall witch behind him, but is surprised to see a normal young woman. Normal height, normal eyes, normal everything. Her face beamed brightly as she greeted him.

And you must be Richard?” she asks sweetly, holding out her hand. Richard shakes it before The Mistress wrap both her hands around his, like a close friend would.

You’re human.” he mutters, feeling a little more relaxed, “You don’t look like the others.”

It’s a simple growth spell,” she explains, “We can make ourselves a whole range of sizes, these three are just trying to be intimidating. If they wanted, they could really frighten you.”

Richard thought they were frightening enough, he could almost feel their angry stares piercing into the back of his skull.

So you’re not human?” He asks, still somewhat puzzled.

I'm getting there....slowly.
Daz3D has had the Iray renderer out for a while now and as many of us older DAZ3D users know, there's a Bandwagon out there with a lot of new Daz3D users who think there are the next best thing when it comes to 3D art. This is of course is not the case as unlike (3Delight) the older renderer, you can use Iray right out of the box.

But Iray is like playing the guitar; Easy to learn, hard to master.

A simple thing like the human eye can look superb in Iray, it's about how lights react to the materials you put in front of them and how the materials react to light. And you tell Iray how to react to light and material, then you learn.

I'm learning....slowly.


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