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Present Carey by Labean
Present Carey
Theses days Carey has become more subtle, but she still knows who and what she is. Most won't dare to ask, those that do, well, you can if you wish. Take your chance.
Metal vs Magic by Labean
Metal vs Magic
Upon the high mountains, the General knew they would be only one winner, his naive confidence was his downfall.
Carey's Origin.
I've made this as a plaque in Carey's back story as a Witch.
It seems humans were trying to wipe out there kind. In trying to do so, they only gave them new means to not only defend themselves, but to rise above humans as the dominant species on the planet.
Daphney, Annie and many others have persuaded Carey to live in secret, until the time is right.
My Angel of the North. by Labean
My Angel of the North.
A little note on the title for those of you who don't live in the UK. The "Angel of the North" is the name of a monument in the north of England.… She's lovely although a little rusty, I mean that literally.

This is my Angel from my 3000 Watchers picture. I've read the comments from people on Giantess City and from here regarding a possible story
 and while continuing to write for it(even though I wasn't sure about whether to create a comic for it or not) Did a few test shots and concept picture.
Here's the last full shot I did.
The lovely Doctor Leslie Brayleigh, standing in the observation room, having a little moment with out "captured" Angel. The Angel doesn't have a name yet. I thought about calling her Gabby, as in short for Gabriel but after a proper nights sleep when my brain works much better I realized that was rubbish. I think it'll be better if she didn't have a name, or if she had one, it would be a name humans give her.

I know she looks a little sad in this picture, but don't be concerned for her, she isn't upset because of her incarceration by us, she is just worried for us.
3000 Watchers.
Recently hit 3000 watchers, which I don't really think is a milestone as such but decided to make a picture for it anyway.

As some of you might be aware I live in Manchester, in the north of England so making an image similar to where I live was difficult as there are not many props that look like where I live, that was until I got this lovely "Northern Terrace" model from the Daz store. I've tried to make it look like my street, it's not far off tbh. My door would be the house with the red door, front left. I haven't put myself in the picture though. Maybe I moved out.

As for the picture itself, I've been reading a lot about different beliefs of various religions and one I have always been intrigued by is the Rapture. A Christian belief that before the 2nd coming of Jesus, believers will be gathered up and taken to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Most media depicts this as the said people just disappear, but as I'd assume angels would have something to do with it, why not have them be the ones to take them.

When I started making this image, I thought it would make a decent story and actually wrote quite a few pages for it.

The idea of thousands of Angels coming down all over the planet taking up the good in spherical orbs (which would have to be bigger on the inside, Time-Lord Tech). Before one is shot by a fighter plane and "captured". I say captured loosely, as it would be her choice to get imprisoned. She's taken to a Military base where she is held in a specially made reinforced aircraft hanger to be questioned by the government, scientists and one particular member of the science team.
Some of them would be scared at first, looking at her though a huge observation glass screen, but her pleasant demeanor and happy, chatty personality would soon win most of them over. Of course she could easily leave at any time, but something compels her to stay.

The problem is it's religious and would probably cause me more problems than it's worth.

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